Jenis Semburan

Jenis Semburan

Meriam Kabus 30m

30m Mist Cannon TDM-M03 has strong wind and a long range. The working principle of 30m Mist Cannon is to use a high-pressure water pump to supply water. The water is sent to the sprinkler head of the sprayer thro

Meriam Kabus 60m

60m TDM-M06 60m Mist Cannon "Tiandimei" brand long-range fog cannon is independently developed and manufactured by Shandong Huali Electromechanical Co., Ltd. . The working principle of 60m Mist Can

Meriam Kabus 100m

100m Mist Cannon TDM-M10, static wind horizontal range of 100 meters, low power, double spray structure, beautiful and compact appearance design. The working principle of 100m Mist Cannon is to use a high-pressure wat